Contribucion de Tracey
Love is....
Love is
symbolic to the heart,
Yet rare and valuable like a piece of art.
Love is
a feeling that grows with you,
Developing gradually but coming
from two views.

Love is
strong but in every way, existing,
People have to be stronger despite
any resisting.

Love is
sweet, like a melody's song
It has to be earned before it can belong.
Love is
desirous, yet so tender,
Wishing time would stand still
and never be surrendered.

Love is
like a river that runs so deep,
Or like a mountain, so high and so steep.

Love is
momentous as two hearts in harmony,
And the promises that are broken
are not so many.

Love is
a touch that can change things all at once.
It can go from one extremem to the next,
in just a few months.

Love is
like the sight of a lovely sea,

Waves tucked under like past memories.

Love is....
just whatever it is.

Love and Crime
Love may possess us to perfection,
Yet our
unconscious mind helps make our selection.
The visions of desire that blind us,
May distort our perspective of true lust.
But in life,
we can expect love to be a memory in time.
With its most
rewarding moments as well as most painful,
but is that a crime?
The hurt
that results from love, may feel like a sin,
But we
survive the pain and agony that touches us within.
The sunshine
that love can also bring, puts us in a world of
our own paradise.
Where we
live life to the fullest without any extremities
that may entice.
We just
can't help falling for love and crime, the
temporary thing,
Which takes
our heart and soul that our passions may bring.

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